A Very happy customers experience with Rigged and Ready travel fishing rods!

A Very happy customers experience with Rigged and Ready travel fishing rods!

By Gareth Evans (a.k.a. Welsh Wild Trout Fishing)

My love for Rigged and Ready travel rods began during the first lockdown here in the UK.  I was looking for a fishing rod capable of fishing my local rivers for wild brown trout, sewin (Welsh sea trout) and salmon, that could be easily transported on a bicycle. Four years on and I am still using Rigged and Ready Travel Rods, lure fishing the small rivers my father used to fish as a child. 
Before I proceed to discuss the various rods I have personal experience with, there are a few factors that I need to mention that distinguish Rigged and Ready and separate them from the rest of the market competition. All of their rods include a compact protective hard case, offer extreme value for money, are designed in Britain and include a fantastic guarantee which covers accidental breakages (I have first hand experience.)

Having initially trawled the internet and put in a significant amount of research these were the stand out factors that resulted in me purchasing my first Rigged and Ready Travel Rod and I have never looked back.

 I predominantly fish for non migratory and migratory wild trout on my small local rivers, but I also fish along the coast especially during the winter and out-of-season months. The following is the gear I use the most:


These are by far my most used fishing rods. They are perfect for lure fishing on my local small rivers. Much of the river banks of these small un-stocked rivers haven't been managed for years and the fishing is normally undertaken in tight, space restricted areas making casting difficult.  Often wading is the only way to fish and these shorter length rods have been fantastic for this type of small stream/river fishing. 

Even though small in size they are capable of landing big fish and offer outstanding sport when hooking the larger fish. Extremely sensitive, I can feel the lure working the water and they also offer excellent flexibility and forgiveness when playing fish with barbless single hook lures. 
In terms of longevity and durability, this is my 3rd season with the Smuggler 6 and I am notorious for not looking after my gear, but I can honestly say it has held up well to the test of time. They are always kept in the car ready for any fishing opportunity. By far my favourite fishing rods.

 RR3000 REEL

The RR3000 reel combines excellently with the Smuggler 6 and 7 in terms of weight and balance.  Perfect for casting all types of lures, it is a reliable workhorse for lure fishing.  A well made reel with a very smooth drag that I have put through its paces numerous times. 

Again this reel seems very durable as I am not the greatest when it comes to wading in the river and it has been submerged on more than one occasion, causing no noticeable damage or change to the performance. An ideal midsize reel ideal for lots of different lure fishing. An absolute bargain!


This rod absolutely revolutionised beach/sea fishing for me.  Having a rod suitable for beach fishing that breaks down to such a small compact size is unreal and ideal for people with smaller cars. A rod designed for big fish, it has never let me down.

From Bass to Triggerfish to Smothound, it has proven its worth time and time again.  Having interchangeable rod tips that change the overall length of the rod has also proven to be hugely beneficial when fishing from piers and confined spaces. 

This is my go to pier rod, ultra compact but also extremely strong, capable of landing big species. The bite detection is excellent and casting large leads is made easy. I am not a very big caster and certainly do not pendulum cast but this rod with a fixed spool reel is capable of casting large leads a long way with ease. 

The innovative collapsible large eye is genius and aids its compactness when collapsed. I have hammered mine in all elements and the only maintenance I do is to wash it down with freshwater after every use. 


This is a really fun and extremely well made telescopic rod. A really innovative and modern design; extremely lightweight and offers an ultra light fishing option. Perfect for casting smaller lures such as size 1 spinners due to its extremely whippy blank.
This is a perfect rod for fishing on the move with a small box of lures. A 1000 size reel would be the perfect companion to this in terms of balance and weight.  By far the best telescopic rod I have used.
Rigged and Ready Travel Rods have a fishing rod for every occasion, no matter the type of fishing. They offer outstanding customer service and after care far greater than all of the mainstream fishing companies on the market.
They are my go to travel rod company that are way ahead of the game in terms of innovative design, value for money and after care. I’m planning on a few overseas fishing trips in the near future starting with the Dominican Republic next year. 
Needless to say, my Rigged and Ready Travel Rod will be making the journey with me. Until then here’s to many more enjoyable sessions on the river 🐟🐟🐟
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