What We Do

Rigged and Ready is the world’s leading travel fishing brand based in the English Lake District. Our extensive range of unique travel rods are very compact and multi-purpose, uniquely designed for the travelling angler; or anyone that favours a different approach to traditional fishing tackle. As well as our rods, we also design and manufacture innovative fishing accessories.

We are proud to offer the best guarantee in the world for our fishing rods. Our two year no-questions asked guarantee replaces or repairs any broken rod regardless of who is at fault. Run over by a car? Snapped in a snag? Chewed by the dog? We have you covered!

No other company in the world offers this service. It’s a testament to the build quality and durability of the tackle we sell, while representing the unparalleled level of customer care we offer those who chose to fish with our rods. You can read more about our guarantee here.

Our Story

Founded in 2016 by Andy Rigg the brand has gone from strength to strength, growing substantially year on-year. Andy’s career in marketing required a great deal of travelling and his inability to find an adequate fishing rod gave him an idea.

The idea became a side-project, and he got to work designing a multi purpose fishing rod that was small enough to fit in his hand-luggage, let alone a suitcase. The products became popular in his inner circle, with friends and family all wanting to get their hands on one for camping trips, holidays and more. 

The project snowballed, and upon realising its potential, Rigged and Ready was born. After many years of hard work, what started as an idea became a thriving worldwide community. It has become the tackle brand of choice for many anglers, from someone fishing the local canal to the experienced adventurer canoeing in the Yukon wilderness.  

When you shop with us, you’re joining a close-knit group of like minded anglers choosing to break free from the norm, whilst also supporting a small family run business. 

Rigged and Ready Travel Rods - Why are we unique?