Rigged & Ready Compact Travel Rod FAQ's

Got questions about our Rigged and Ready Travel Rod? We've got you covered! Check out our FAQ section below for quick answers and tips to make the most of your fishing adventures.

We are the leading travel fishing rod specialists worldwide and are focussed on designing the best travel fishing rods. All our rods are uniquely super compact and multi-functional. They have been designed and engineered by us with many unique innovations, including hand finished rod joints, muti-functional tips and handles and our own SRF rod blank which includes Zylon, which is used by NASA and is 10 times the strength of Kevlar.

About Your Travel Rod

The best rod for you depends on several factors: how compact does it need to be, do you prefer multi-piece or telescopic, the method you intend to fish and more.
Take as much time as you need to browse our website, there’s something for everyone. Below is a handy guide to all our travel rods, that should be able help you find what you’re looking for! If you are not sure or want any advice
call Riggy on +447824334033 or email riggy@riggedandready.net



Our rigorous designing process has always been focused on delivering the most compact fishing rods possible, while achieving minimum compromise in terms of rod performance. Our multi piece rods break down even smaller than all other travel rods. We have developed our own rad blank material that is both flexible and strong, we have hand finished rod joints to again make our packed rods incredibly compact.

1. The Super Compact travel rods, World Traveller, Smuggler, X5 and Infinite rods blanks are made from our unique blend of carbon, graphite, hi-glass and zylon. We developed this special blend of materials to make the rods very compact for travelling, yet rugged and strong. The special blend provides a medium rod action, with a perfect bend to the travel fishing rods. (Zylon, is 10 times stronger than Kevlar, and used by NASA in the Mars Lander).

2.   The Portable travel rods, S Max, S Mid, Fish Rig Max, Fish Rig 180, 2-in-1 Fly and Float Match rod are made from 100% premium Toray carbon. This is gives a much firmer rod action. We are able to use 100% carbon in these rods because they do not need to be so compact when packed.

1.    Protect your rod, keeping it stored in its soft case and tube. (Any small knock can cause rod damage or a break. Our rods are either a blend including carbon or 100% carbon. Chips to the carbon can result in breaks.)

2.    Assemble the rod starting with the butt section (the largest section)

3.    Make sure the joints are fully pressed together, gently pressing together and rotating each section using alternate hands, rotating the rod sections. (do not use lots of force)

4.    Ensure the eyes are in a straight line with the reel seat position, so the line travels through easily.

5.    When fishing, check the joints every 10 to 15 casts to ensure the eyes are still in line and joints securely together.

6.    When fishing careful with your rod when you are using it. (as point 1)

7.    Do not fish under electrical cables as carbon is a perfect electricity conductor.

8.    Clean the joins and reel seat after use with a damp cloth. (When fishing in salt water clean the whole rod, and eyes with fresh water to remove all salt)

They certainly are! The design of these rods is slightly different to some of our others, as they use a spigot joint system. The Spigot join system is a premium way of joining rods sections together. The spigots are designed to wear over time, leaving a gap between 1 and 2cm.

Why not! This helps prevent wear and tear and prolongs the life of the joint, it also prevents sections sticking together. We recommend a light rubbing of household white candle wax on the joints every 2-3 outings

It is impossible to make a multi-purpose rod to go everywhere that performs as well as a specialist rod. We are the best at developing travel rods and the only brand doing muti-purpose rods. In most set ups our rods will perform very well compared to the best specialist rods, even though they will be more affordable and multi-functional. There will also be a compromise, however our rods are the only ones you can take with you anywhere!

They fit with the Smuggler, X5 and Infinite Rods and are designed to fit your existing rod and offer a much shorter option rod, without purchasing a new rod or taking one with you. There are transformer tips to make 3, 4 and 5 section rods. These become very useful if you have purchased a Smugger 7 or X5 Max and provide a light weigh rod option to add to your bigger rod, without carrying a totally new rod.

The X5 rods and Infinite Ultimate are multi-purpose fly fishing rods. In the fly set up you will find them slightly stiffer than a traditional premium fly rod. It is impossible to make a multi-purpose rod to go everywhere that performs as well as a specialist rod.

To avoid breakages we make 99% of our tips from solid fibreglass or carbon. Tips at the most common thing to break on a fishing rod, so this reduces the chance of this ever happening. Tip still can break on rare occasions with excessive use

They fit with the Smuggler, X5 and Infinite Rods and are designed to significantly increase the cast weight, by reducing the length of the rod and thus increasing the stiffness and cast weights. This allows greater flexibility in the fishing you can do with your Rigged and Ready Rod.

General Fishing FAQ

If you are not sure or want any advice call Riggy on +447824334033 or email riggy@riggedandready.net. We also have a Start Fishing PDF you can download from the website.


Yes. As well as being great for ledgering. They are idea for Drop Shotting and LRF fishing, making the feel of the rod, super sensitive and also offering some great fun, playing smaller fish.

Guarantee & Rod Care

Yes! On all our rods we offer a 2 year no questions asked guarantee on spare parts or replacement. If your rod breaks due to a manufacturing or quality issue it will be replaced, but this also covers you for human error. If your stand on your rod, trap it in a car door or even snap it in a snag, we have you covered.
This is completely unique to us, and why we say we offer the best guarantee in fishing!


Follow the details on your product hangtag and go to our online site to register your purchase. This is only so we have your details and can look after you better should something happen.

We have a guide on our website giving you our suggestions how to best look after your fishing rod to avoid unneeded issues.

We do! For rod issues, please email riggy@riggedandready.net and if your rod is under guarantee, you will get the part sent out free of charge. We also have unique transformer parts for sale in our store, which will allow you to push the limits of your travel rod even further.


Payments & Orders

No, we are too small to offer this service. Do feel free to call, however all orders need to go via the website.

Yes, usually it will come back into stock, unless we decide to de-list it (which is rare)

If any item is damaged or missing, you can get a full refund immediately. If you would like a replacement, we will need to issue a web refund for that item, and you can make another purchase either in store or online. Alternatively, you can contact us, and we will resolve the issue for you.

Discount codes are relevant to certain promotions. They cannot be doubled up.

You insert your discount code into the required space on checkout. This will apply the discount to your order.

Yes, if you phone or email ahead, you can pick things up from our office or warehouse or South Lakes Angling Centre

Security & Information

You can pay with the usual credit or debit cards as well as PayPal. You can also use the Pay Later on Klarna at checkout.

Yes. Our checkout pages are secured by SSL and our payment processors are all certified to the highest level of PCI regulations. They cannot be seen or copied by anyone else other than us.

When you pay your payment details are secured to PCI DSS level 1, the highest level of security certification. 'PCI DSS' is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards' established to ensure payment details are secured to the highest levels possible.

Yes and No. We do share your address details when taking payment to ensure orders aren't fraudulent and we might contact you after ordering to allow you to provide feedback on our service. Other than this we do not share your details with anyone and certainly not with any other commercial organisation.

Our newsletter is sent to interested customers to keep them up to date with our travel fishing news, tackle views and special offers we have.

Frequency will vary depending on the time of year and the amount of relevant information we have. You should hear from us once or maximum twice every week, if we feel we have something to share.

We normally reply to emails within 24 hours and often much faster. If you haven't heard from us within 48 hours, then please try again in case something went wrong with the first attempt.

Delivery & Returns

Yes. All our prices include VAT for UK and European customers. The total VAT included in the price is shown as a separate item in the cart and checkout for your information but is already included in the individual product prices.

In the UK we have no issue to return or exchange a rod or product. The product needs to be returned to our UK address. Rigged and Ready, 28 Castle Crescent, Kendal, LA97AN, using a tracked courier. Please email the details of the package to riggy@riggedandready.net, where you will be either refunded or able to exchange.

For International returns, these will be dealt with on a one-off basis. Please
contact Riggy at riggy@riggedandready.net or +447824334033 and he will deal directly with you to find the best way ahead.


All our products are shipped the next day first class tracked by UPS or Royal Mail (depending on the size). Orders before 12 noon on Friday we try to ship on the Friday, however orders after 12 noon on Friday will be shipped on the Monday morning (or Tuesday on a bank Holiday)

Yes. At the checkout you should tick the box marked 'Deliver to another address' and you'll be given the option to include a separate delivery address.

All our products are shipped the next day first class tracked by UPS (depending on the size). Orders after 12 noon on Friday will be shipped on the Monday morning (or Tuesday on a bank Holiday).

We do not pay the import duty for sales into any country. You should investigate the cost of this before ordering. The biggest issue is after Brexit, where all orders to EU countries incur import duty costs.

Retail & Partnerships

We normally sell direct online to keep the retail prices low and the value high. The most extensive product range can be found in South Lakeland Angling centre in Kendal. There you’ll find many different travel rods, reel, lures and more. Very conveniently located for your next trip to the Lake District! however we are now selecting stores to be stocked in a few locations in the UK and one location in key markets (ongoing).

We are currently looking for 6 new regional independent retailers in the UK and US, plus one retailer in Germany, France, and Japan.

If you are interested in becoming a dealer or retailer of our products contact us at riggy@riggedandready.net with the following information:

Name & brief description of the business

Contact name, phone number, e-mail & address
(including country)

Type of Business

Retailer (physical building)

E-commerce (internet store)

Both retailer & E-commerce

We are a small company and have a very small team of anglers helping us.
We are happy to hear from others, however it is unlikely we will be able to support you or your event, so don’t hold your hopes up! However, there is no issue with us having a chat to see if we can help each other

Contact us at riggy@riggedandready.net and we will send you something via email.