Welcome to the 20th instalment of our Travel Rodcast series. We'll be taking a look at the best and most interesting catches from the Rigged and Ready community over the last few months! Who knows... you may even be featured! 
Over autumn and the start of winter predator fishing has been in full flow, with some excellent catches on our travel fishing rods! As always, Martin from '' has been landing some fantastic pike.
Also of particular interest is Esme in the bottom right, whose spectacular Windermere pike landed her a spot in the angling times! Also, check out George's monster perch that he caught while fishing a town centre canal! (Click here to watch the video).
The exciting thing about being a travel rod specialist is seeing some of the weird and wonderful catches we get sent from around the globe!
Matt from France is certainly no stranger to a black bass on his Smuggler 5, and it's really cool to see Graham catching a triggerfish on the S Max!
The star of the show though has to be the two African giants caught on the Smuggler 7...  a compact travel rod that definitely packs a punch!
In many cases, trout are out of season in the UK. However, many still get caught while targeting species like salmon, perch and pike. Stocked trout are also allowed to be fished for in fully enclosed stillwaters! 
As always, a few brownies were caught on the X5 Adventure over the last few months. The fish on the bottom right was caught in an abandoned quarry, what a location! You can watch the video by clicking here.
Martin has also been doing very well fly fishing, catching even in the coldest months on our Infinite Fly 2-in-1! Click here to watch his channel!
It's no secret that pike fishing continues to offer fantastic sport right through the colder months, and as a result we've seen plenty landed on our travel rods recently!
The Predator has been the star of the show, with the worthy inclusion of a prototype we have been working on... More information coming soon so keep your eyes peeled!
Congratulations to Bailey who recently caught his PB on the Predator in it's 10-30g configuration, it's all on video too (click here to watch)!
Here's a bit of variety to round it all off! it's fantastic to see Santa taking a well-earned rest after his long shift on Christmas Eve. A travel rod suits him perfectly as there's no room for a long traditional rod in his sleigh, especially with the millions of presents!
Another highlight is the specemin Barbel caught by Mark from 'Fishing for Memories', what a beast! It looks excellent on our Unhooking Mat Max, as does the French Bass on our smaller Unhooking mat!

We massively appreciate you all sending in your catches, it means a lot! Remember you can send in your photos via email at or find us on Instagram @riggedandreadytravelrods

Until next time... Tight lines!