Bongs Fishing TV & Max Power

Bongs Fishing TV & Max Power

BONGS FISHING TV… Cumbria’s Fishing Star

When we moved back to the Lake District there were wonderful plans of climbing the hills and fishing for wild brownies, pike and perch. We planned to film and edit our adventures, then post them online for everyone to see…. Well thank god we found George Lamb.

George is the main man behind Bongs Fishing TV and as a bonus, he’s from the Lake District. His adventures take him all over the Lakes and North West fishing wherever he can in our wild and as yet, little fished waters. Go George, we and many people love following you.

We are also proud that George uses our X5 and Smuggler travel rods for his wild adventures.

MAX POWER. Introducing the Smuggler Max and X5 Max Travel Rods

We finally ventured into offering you guys who fish big and fish even bigger a travel rod option, that helps you go for the big uns!

The Smuggler Max is our unique offer for you roving carp, predator and surf anglers, who don’t want their rod to take up the whole car, apartment or garage. Like all our rods it has 2 fishing tips, which allow it to cope with big baits on land and sea. For the first time we have had to use spigot joints to keep the power transfer and make a rod that compacts over 50cm. The case here goes to 66cm, just over 2ft, which doesn’t fit airline cabin baggage, which is just as well as nobody can fly anywhere. It does hide away quite nicely in the car though!

The rod had a 3.6 and 3.2m options, with a 3 and 3 1/2lb test curve for the carp and predator anglers, and 170g max cast for surf casting. All designed to go with a 5000 size reel or larger. 


The X5 Max, multi-function fishing rod was developed by request from anglers wanting a more powerful X5 for bigger fish. To cope with the bigger fish requirement, we also added a butt extension, as well as the butt plug… Yes, this rod does have a removable interchangeable butt plug!

It offers the Spin.Cast.Bait.Fly fishing options and with an extended butt can be configured to 9 different fishing set ups…. Yes 9. Making it the ideal rod, if you only ever want one rod. If you are going to fly fish all day you will need to start pumping iron… It’s not a delicate fly rod, however, does the job

9 rod option with numerous casting weights. For your carp anglers the TC of the rod with the short tip is 1 3/4lb, designed for a 3000 to 5000 size reel.