Fishing on a family holiday? It's easier than you might think!

Fishing on a family holiday? It's easier than you might think!
Light rock fishing and mullet fishing seem to be the go-to for many anglers travelling to coastal destinations. And for good reason! It can be excellent fun, and often you can catch some beautiful small species like ornate wrasse and canary damselfish pictured below. The X5 Adventure in its lightest configuration is perfect for this kind of fishing!

The heavier side of sea fishing is often overlooked though. It's regularly not considered due to the perceived difficulty when taking tides into account, and the misconception that you need to take very long cumbersome fishing rods with you.

Graham Wadelin has recently written a review of his experiences doing this kind of fishing using the Rigged and Ready S Max!

"I normally spend 8-10 weeks each year holidaying abroad, mainly in the Canaries, Balearics and Madeira. While these are essentially family holidays there are opportunities available for a few hours fishing each day, normally in the quieter period from late afternoon to early evening. While this might not be an ideal time, taking no account of tide, it doesn’t seem to have a great impact on catch rates."

"Some 25 years of vacations in the sun have developed a method of float fishing from rocks that consistently produces a broad range of good-sized fish. The rod of choice has been a five piece 12 ft travel carp rod, with a 3lb test curve. This rod handles anything likely to be encountered float fishing, the only disadvantage being the requirement for a large suitcase."

"I recently purchased a compact Rigged & Ready S Max which, when fitted with its longer tip, has a specification nearly identical to the favoured rod.  Apart from an excellent finish to the S Max, with its folding butt ring and protective case, it is much easier to pack being some 7” shorter.
A few weeks ago there was an opportunity to test the S Max in Fuerteventura and, as anticipated, it proved to be a superb replacement. On this occasion, two of the more unusual fish caught on the float were gar and parrot fish."

"Apart from photos of these fish, I have also included pictures of a few of the many different species of fish previously caught, to show what the S Max is more than capable of handling. However, if the rod is fitted with its shorter tip it will have the potential to catch even heavier fish, such as barracuda and tuna, when the float is replaced with a balloon and live bait."

Stay tuned for more information on Graham's tactics and methods!