We are passionate about getting new people fishing and getting others back to fishing. Young or old, it is a great, safe, healthy outdoor activity to get people to connect or re-connect with nature. Anglers reading this will also know the physical and mental health benefits of fishing. Now with the Covid developments in the world, there isn’t a better time to get out fishing again or introduce someone to fishing.

The Angling Trust have just launched “Get Fishing”. It is the Angling Trust’s campaign to get more people fishing more often. It's a campaign for anyone or any age who wants to get into fishing, get back into angling, or find out where to go fishing, who to go fishing with, what to use to start fishing and how to go fishing for the first time.
You can read about the Get Fishing campaign here

We are travel fishing specialists, passionate about getting people fishing, however, our standard products are not right for a beginner, so we looked into starter sets for general fishing. Yes, we were shocked with what was offered, which was either the wrong primitive tackle for UK fishing, expensive, or had no advice how to start. So… we decided to do something about it and launched K-FISH.


All this for £26.99 (RRP £29.99), including the post and comes with a guarantee and free fishing advice if you call or email me. Check it out here

Yes, it is a standard basic rod and reel. Good, it is not a telescopic rod though. However, look further. It’s the only rod and reel package, where all the tackle is suitable for UK fishing, all with barbless hooks, even the spinners. Not only that, it comes with an introductory guide to how to fish. You can download the guide here.

Compare it to what's out there in price, quality, tackle and advice - there is nothing that compares. No… it is not a specialist rod, nor suitable for monster fishing, however, it will get someone started on their fishing journey and can easily be passed on to help someone else.
It's not quite a not-for-profit product from us, however, not far from it… Don’t tell our accountant or my wife!

We are from Kendal in the English Lake District and I didn’t know until recently that from 1700 to 1900 Kendal was the world’s leading producer of fish hooks. Not only that, but the factory is 200m from us, looking at the salmon weir, on the other bank of the River Kent.
The Kendal hooks are what we would all know as the standard fish hook. You can still buy them now. Put Kendal Fish Hooks into Google and you will see our little town made its mark in fishing as well as shoes, wool, snuff, socks and Kendal Green. K Shoes are dead, so welcome to K-FISH.
The image above left is from the 1800s. The Kendal hook developed into the Kirby Kendal Hook. It is still what we all think of as “The Fish Hook” and it was invented and made in Kendal, just like K-FISH!