How to Choose the Perfect Travel Fishing Rod?

How to Choose the Perfect Travel Fishing Rod?

How do you decide? To choose only one to suit your style of fishing, what criteria should you choose on, and how do you make a final decision. We are the only travel fishing rod specialist in the world, and we love compact travel fishing rods. We are the only company and web store where you will have a great choice of travel fishing rods to choose from. Let’s see if we can help.


The reason you need a travel rod is that you have an active fishing lifestyle. Always on the go, needing a travel fishing rod to join you walking, biking, or running. Alternately your travel rod may be to suit your vacation time. A travel fishing rod to fit your suitcase. A travel rod to fit your caravan or motor home motor home, or you just want a travel rod to fit in your car, so you never miss a moment to go fishing.

All our travel fishing rods will be much easier to transport than your standard fishing rod. Some of our travel rods are super compact, and others less so. It all depends on why you need one and how transportable they need to be. Some of them break down into as many as 7 pieces, a few are telescopic, and some are just lightweight and easy to carry and others. All our travel fishing rods come with a protective travel rod case to make sure your rod arrives in perfect condition.


Our travel rods are totally unique. All are multi-functional with between 2 and 4 tips to change your fishing style. Some travel rods are just for spin and bait fishing. Our X5 collection of rods, allow you to be able to use the same travel rod to spin or bait fish and fly fish. Our Predator travel rod is the only rod to have a micro trigger to allow perfect bait cast fishing and spin fishing set ups. Our Smuggler Max is a big travel rod for big beasties. A travel fishing rod at home fishing for large carp and pike or casting big lures or baited weights into the surf.


You need durability and sensitivity to combine with travel fishing compact size. Our most compact travel rods are the X5 and Smuggler Series (excluding Smuggler Max). These are made using our own SRF fishing rod blank and have a unique female into male hand sanded joint. SRF is a mis of carbon, h-glass and Zylon. These allow the rod to be made to be incredibly compact and very strong. Our Predator, Fish Rig and Smuggler Max travel rods are 100% hi module carbon, which provides a much stiffer action, however, does not allow for the travel rods to be as compact at the others.


We have put together our travel rod chart to outline the various rods benefits, sizes, and fishing techniques. If you can’t decide from this and want more detailed information on our travel rods, then drop us a line to