It's a Cross between a Lure Rod and Carp Stalker

It's a Cross between a Lure Rod and Carp Stalker

Check out Talking Carp magazines review of the World Traveller Combination travel fishing rod, by Anthony Wood

Talking Carp Review Our World Traveller Rod & Reel

"The World Traveller is a cross between a lure rod and a carp stalking rod, so it's ideal for numerous different situations"

It's an absolutley stunning rod!!

What kind of fishing was I planning?

Predator fishing, sea fishing, shore fishing and coarse fishing, I don't usually go for huge fish so in the range of 10lb- 15lb is my usual catch.

The Answer? The World Traveller (anything bigger go X5 Max)  

What do you get?

The compact rod itself is made from high performance, powerful nanocarbon and comes in six sections which consist of four-rod sections and two rod tips. The two rod tips give you the option of a 7ft of a 6ft1" rod, the 7ft rod has a casting weight of 5-20g and the smaller 6ft 1" rod has a casting weight of 15-40g

I've been seriously impressed with not only the rod but the customer service since day one.

If your looking for a travel fishing rod and reel ( and they even do a compact landing net if needed) that is perfect for putting in your rucksack, chucking in the boot, keeping in a caravan, taking on an aeroplane or even attaching to your bike then this is the company for you.