Love Fishing? Love Supercars? The Travel Fishing Rod Supercar Solution!

Love Fishing? Love Supercars? The Travel Fishing Rod Supercar Solution!

Maybe you won the lottery, or you are a footballer looking for a Supercar where you can fit your fishing tackle in the boot.

Most manufacturers design their supercars for one thing: speed. They certainly have never considered boot space for your fishing rod, let alone, 1 or 2 fishing rods, net, landing mat, tackle rod rests and alarms. You know, you will need a travel fishing rod, however can you get everything else you need in your boot? So… What are your fishing tackle options?

Bugatti Veyron v’s Pike/Carp/Coarse/Spin Angler (boot size 37liters 50 x 30 x 25 cm appx)

Top of the range is the Bugatti Veyron is the perfect example of a supercar. Yes, it costs around, £2,000,000, and yet, you still want to be able to fish at the drop of a hat, so you need, not want, to take your fishing rod and fishing tackle with you. There is certainly no room in the back for your fishing rod, so your travel rod and fishing gear will have to go in the boot.

The boot space of the Bugatti Veyron is stingy at 37 litres! That’s less than carry on hand luggage for flight which is 63 litres (56 x 45 x 25 cm). You are into Pike and Carp fishing and would like to take your fishing rod, plus take a net and a landing mat. So, what are your fishing options. Well, sadly only Rigged and Ready travel fishing rods just will fit. Anything over 50cm in length will not do it for you. Your heart is set on the Veyron! Don’t worry, Rigged and Ready Travel Rods have got you covered.

You can fit an X5 Max’s or Smuggler 7 travel fishing rods in your boot, even with these 2 powerful fishing rods, there will be enough room for the new Travel Unhooking Mat, the Travel Landing Net, and enough space to fit in some tackle and even a rod rest, an alarm, plus folding small stool. All you could ever want for a quick few hours’ session carp fishing or an opportunistic quick pike lure fishing session.

With a boot space of just 37 litres, you still have space for all the travel fishing gear you need. The X5 Max measures just 41cm in its tube. The Travel Landing Net and Travel Unhooking Mat are also the most compact fishing net and mat in the world

Lamborghini Huracan v’s Big Fish Sea/Carp/Pike Angler (boot size 110 litres 80 x 50 x 40 cm appx)

So, you want to have more than one rod, something with a lot more power, plus a little more tackle, then you will have to trade in your Veyron to something like a Lamborghini Huracan, where you are positively spoiled for space and can really up your tackle selection. With a boot of 110 litres, which is still tight and impossible for most fishing rods, you have enough space for a selection of travel rods from Rigged and Ready Travel Fishing.

We have you covered, with 3 travel rods to fit your boot for your big fish sessions. Two Smuggler Max travel fishing rods would be the ideal selection for someone looking for monster fish. Along with this you have enough room for an X5 Adventure travel rod, should you want to do some sneaky fishing. Plus, you still have space tackle, the Landing Net Max and the Travel Unhooking Mat and alarms and bank sticks and possibly your wellies and waterproof. Now, you can lock your travel rods away in your boot to be ready at a moments notice . An added bonus, with an acceleration rate of 60mph in 2.9 seconds, you can be on your fishing peg or mark sooner than anyone else, except they angler who bought your Veyron, who will be already baiting the swim!

The Smuggler Max is a big beast of a travel rod, for big fish. It is still pretty compact at 66cm in its case. In the Lamborghini, you have enough space for these 2, as well as the Landing Net Max and an X5 Adventure travel rod


The Travel Rod v’s Supercar Conclusion

If you want a Supercar and want to keep your travel fishing rods in the boot, you have the perfect solution for travel fishing at top speed.

If like most of us you have a normal car, with normal boot space you can easily do the same with your fishing rods and have room for your golf clubs, camping gear as well the kids, or just keep the travel fishing rods in there and keep the space open. Your travel rods will not take over your car. The choice for rods is all yours.

Rigged and Ready Travel Fishing rods come is all sizes, covering nearly all types of fishing. Rigged and Ready are the only Travel Fishing Rod specialists in the world, making the most compact travel fishing rods you can find!