NO QUESTIONS ASKED... Don’t Forget the Guarantee

NO QUESTIONS ASKED... Don’t Forget the Guarantee

I have been amazed to read other rod companies guarantees. They claim 1 year or lifetime guarantee, however they hide a $20 cost for post or request you send the rod back. Just seems a cheat!

Our 2 year guarantee stands… No questions asked.

Those of you who have requested spares for lost parts or ordered spare from the website may have noticed you got them free and we pay the post. We are happy you support us, so we will support you. There will be a spare part policy in place and a system to buy them from the website. Until that date the policy stays as free.

We do get requests for broken parts. Yes, we get it that our rods, like others, can go wrong, however let’s be fair how they broke. I fell on the X5 Max in Wales, with a full 17 stone, landing on the rod, which was wedged between 2 rocks….My life flashed before my eyes. I was surely going down with a massive bump. Then the  OMG I was shocked. The rod took it perfectly. I sort of bounced on the handle.  Just a small chip to the rod and no damage to me! Phew… GO ZYLON!

So, when someone sends in a picture like this staying my tips broke, (what, both of them at the same time) it’s better to be honest… The damn things as flat as a pancake and has probably been run over by a tank… What amazed me is the indestructible tip is intact, just the eyes need a tweak!

WORD OF MOUTH… Tell Your Friends About Us

More and more of you are getting in touch. We are picking up news, tips and valuable feedback. We try to be the best at getting back to you and keeping you fishing, even selling you other people’s products if we think they do a better job.

If you like our little brand, then please let your friends know. 

If you have some good travel fishing ideas or products then, please let us know… We may make them with a few little improvements or like Spiderwire fishing braided line and fluo or the FreeStyle Lite Unhooking Mat… We think it’s great, so why would we make it?… Go buy theirs! We have and it’s in my fishing pack!

Best one I have seen as long as you don’t catch a monster