We were thrilled this week to see a great article from vildmark.co.uk on the X5 Combination.
Seeing articles and getting your regular positive feedback makes being the World’s only Travel Fishing Rod Specialist all worthwhile.

Rigged and Ready X5 Adventure Travel Fishing Combi.
Posted on vildmark.co.uk 18/01/2021 by Martin Grove

I’d been researching a new travel fishing set for a while.
Whilst crawling the interweb for fishing in the mountain tarns of the English Lake District I came across a video on YouTube of someone using the Rigged and Ready X5 adventure travel fishing combi.

I’ve been using fibreglass telescopic rods for a few years, either hiking or fishing from a packraft / kayak.
After a while, they fail in many ways. Bits fall off, they rust or snap (due to being battered around whilst not protected in a case).
The only reason I have been using these rods is the fact they are cheap, light and pack-away small.
Plus they can be used for many different types of fishing.
This year I was lucky enough to be gifted a beautiful set of fly fishing gear from a friend that was his late Fathers.
I always wanted to learn to fly fish and took the opportunity to head out for a day with a friend for a little instruction.
I was hooked, bagged my 4 fish within 45 minutes!
It was at this point that I felt the X5 by Rigged and Ready (I had seen in the video previously) was perfect for my types of fishing.
It would allow me to spin and fly fish without carrying two different sets of gear.
Now when I’m hiking or packrafting I would say that I am super-light in everything I carry but I like to try and limit the weight I'm carrying.
Limiting the amount of fishing gear I take with me is high on my packing list.

Rigged and Ready.
Based in Kendal in the English Lake District, Rigged and Ready are in the perfect area where these travel rods really come out on their own.
With beautiful landscapes, pristine mountains, tarns and rivers the Lake District offers some great fishing for those who don’t mind a 2 / 3 hour walk in.

The English Lake District is a fisherman's heaven. Rigged and Ready are a travel fishing rod specialist who have developed their own travel fishing rods, which are innovative, unique, compact, rugged and importantly guaranteed.The design is based on on an American rod “The Eagle Claw” which came about in the 1960s. The concept was a portable travel fishing setup suitable for many aspects of fishing.

All the travel rods are designed and manufactured to the highest standards at the best possible price.

Now we are looking at the X5 travel rod but Rigged and Ready produce various other travel rods that may suit your fishing better.

The Smuggler Max which is designed for Carp, Predator and Surf Casting.

Rigged and Ready X5 Adventure Travel Fishing Combi.

Father Christmas asked me what I wanted for Christmas and this was high on my list. It would be perfect for my planned road trip to Sweden this year (crossing fingers COVID allows this).

I wanted something that was light, multi-use and packable.

First thoughts on the X5 Adventure Combi.

  • It’s lightweight, weighing at 887 grams.
  • Packable, the shape of the rod holder allows for it to be strapped onto the outside of a bag securely.
  • Durable, the carry case is well made to protect the rods.
  • 5 different combinations of fishing.
  • 2 Reels Supplied (Fixed spool & Fly).
  • Spare spool for the fixed spool reel.
  • 5 main rod sections.
  • 4 different tips

Fishing Combinations


  • SPINNING, BAIT CAST, BAIT RODS size 2.2m (7’ 2”) and 1.9m (6’3″) options.
  • QUIVER ROD. 2.2m (7′ 2″), sensitive light bait fishing rod.
  • FLY ROD. 2.2m (7’2”), mid-weight 5-6 action, and
  • HEAVY FLY. 1.9m (6’ 3″) 6-7 weight, for small spaces.

Suitable for river, lakes and light sea and beach fish


5-15g QUIVER ROD. 2.2m (7′ 2″)

5-20g SPINNING, BAIT CAST, BAIT RODS 2.2m (7’ 2”)

15-40g SPINNING, BAIT CAST, BAIT RODS 1.9m (6’3″) 

5-6 weight FLY 2.2m (7’2″)

6-7 weight FLY 1.9 (6’3″)

Rod Tips.

Now one thing that threw me at first was that it stated there were 5 combinations but there was only 4 different rod tips.

Looking at the Rigged and Ready website the smaller rod tip acts as a 6 – 7 weight fly rod and a heavier tipped Spinning / bait casting rod.

Test Session of the Rigged and Ready X5 Adventure Travel Fishing Combi.

Heading out along the River Waveney whilst it was in full flood I thought I’d setup for lure fishing using a Ned rig.

The first thing I noticed was the bottom section (known as the Butt Plug) was fairly loose and I had a feeling that at some stage I would lose this. Rigged and Ready offer their customers a 2 year warranty (which is great) but I didn’t fancy losing this part.

After a quick message to Rigged and Ready Andy explained what I needed to do to make the ‘Butt Plug’ Secure.

Pushing the bung down creates a tighter fit.
Inside the Butt Plug is a piece of rubber, this should be pushed down to create a tighter fit.

Using the smaller tip (which later I realised was too heavy with a casting weight of 15 – 40g).

I set up a weedless Ned rig to fish for some perch.

After a few casts I realised that I would have been better setting up with the 5 – 20g spinning tip as the ned rig is fairly light weight with a head weighing around 2g.

This setup feels short a little too short for me (when bank fishing) but this size is perfect for packraft / kayak fishing.

The Reels.

Fixed Spool.

RR 3000 Fishing Reel is strong & durable. It is salt protected reel.

5.1.1 ratio.

4+1 bearing.

Spare spool & soft reel bag.

Lightweight at 270g.

Front drag control.

Left or right wind options.

Line capacity mono lb & Y 6-220. 8-180, 10-50, braid dimensions mm & Y 0.28-18. 0.30-160.  0.35-130.

Air Rotor System for quick water removal.

Fly Reel.


High strength graphite frame.

Spool left and right wind with anti-reverse structure and U shaped spool design.

Adjustable drag.

My Views.

This setup is perfect for someone who wants to take fishing gear on a plane, in a hiking bag, stowed in your kayak or kept in the boot of your car.

I am really looking forward to trying the X5 as a fly rod.

In a nutshell: Well done Rigged and Ready at taking a great design and making it better. A well designed and functional travel fishing setup.