RIGGY'S TRAVEL RODS - The Boss Has His Say!

RIGGY'S TRAVEL RODS - The Boss Has His Say!

Ever wondered what travel fishing rod set-up the founder of Rigged and Ready uses? Well... wonder no more!

My go-to set up that travels with me everywhere is the X5 Max rod, plus 2 special accessories. They all fit into the tube of the X5 Max. I mostly use it for carp, pike, salmon, light shore, rock and bass fishing. However, I have used it for nearly everything including it's lighter configuration 😀. The only thing it doesn’t cover is beach casting, however I do give it a good go!

As well as being multi-functional, it is incredibly compact to fit your rucksack. The multi-section screw together butt, has the feel and balance of a normal rod. You have the benefit of the 4 tips to cover most fishing styles.

I also take the Short Tip Max, which fits further down the rod, significantly increasing the cast weight. In my case, I use it to throw 250g lures on Windermere, as a light boat rod and even casting big weights from a pier… This does shorten the rod, but makes it very powerful. As seen above, the short tip and three other longer tips come with the X5 max. The others are optional extras. 

The Smuggler 5 Handle also fits the X5 max, to make a very short, light rod. Essentially our Smuggler 5! This rod has two configurations, a 160cm 5-20g cast weight and a 140cm 15-40g cast weight.

For the reel, 90% of the time I use the RR3000. This reel is a perfect fit for the majority of our travel fishing rods, and is also suitable for saltwater. It comes with a spare spool, so you can change your method/approach on the move. 

On one spool I have 20kg braid for most of my fishing, and on the spare spool I have 7.5kg braid. I also always carry 4, 8 and 12lb fluorocarbon leaders. Click here to view our selection of lines!

There are also a few fish landing essentials I never go without, the small net and the small travel mat are always taken. The small net now has a much deeper net, meaning you can land bigger fish with the same compact product. Head over to our website to check it out! There is also a bigger mat coming soon for those who catch bigger fish than me (click here). If I need a long handled net I have the HTO extendable handle, with their folding net head. Yes… other good fishing products and brands do exist.