For hikers who love fishing, finding the best fishing rod that combines portability, durability, and performance is key. The ideal rod for a hiking enthusiast needs to be lightweight enough not to be a burden, compact enough to fit in or attach to a backpack, and robust enough to handle the unexpected challenges you may face. Among the various options available, travel-specific rods stand out for their convenience and functionality.

Multi-Piece Travel Fishing Rods

They are specifically designed for anglers on the move. Multi-piece travel rods, like our Smuggler range, usually break down into three or more sections and often offer superior performance and a more traditional fishing experience than a telescopic rod. The best travel rods are engineered to ensure that the connections between sections are as strong and sensitive as a one-piece rod. High-grade materials are commonly used for these rods, offering sensitivity to feel the bite and the backbone needed to reel in the catch. Rigged and Ready travel rods are made using SRF – our super strong unique material formed by blending zylon, carbon, graphite, and stiff glass fibre.

Telescopic Fishing Rods 

These are notable for their extendable design, allowing them to collapse to a fraction of their full length, making them exceptionally backpack-friendly. As well as being very compact, they’re also quick to assemble meaning they’re ideal for a quick fishing stop while on a hike. These rods often come with varying power and action ratings, allowing anglers to choose a rod that best suits the fish species they are targeting. 

A major issue with telescopic rods is that they break. We did a lot of research into why this was happening and found that the majority of issues began at the tip of the rod. We designed our Fish Rig 180 to be semi-telescopic, meaning it has all the benefits of a telescopic, but the end sections are removable and virtually unbreakable. It also comes with interchangeable tips for different cast weights, adding an element of multi-functionality, perfect for different fishing situations.

The Best Fishing Rod for Hiking  

When selecting the best fishing rod for hiking, consider the type of fishing you plan to do. Are you casting in small mountain streams, or are you after larger fish in lakes along the trail? Are you fishing deep saltwater marks on a coastal path or exploring a small rural canal? The rod's weight, action, and power rating should match your intended use. Furthermore, don't overlook the importance of a good carrying case, as it will protect your rod during transport and when navigating through rough terrain. 

This is why we recommend the Rigged and Ready X5 Combination. It has so many different uses and configurations, you can effectively fish in almost any environment you’re likely to encounter while hiking. No wonder people call it the multi-tool of fishing rods! It is also very compact, comes in a strong protective case with reels, and fits snugly inside most backpacks.

When hiking, you’re likely to be exposing a fishing rod to some pretty extreme conditions and terrain and choosing a travel rod with a good guarantee can put your mind at rest. At Rigged and Ready, we offer the best guarantee in the whole fishing industry. We repair or replace your rod if it breaks in the first two years post-purchase, even if it’s down to user error. Break it falling over, lose a section, trap it in the car door, we have you covered! We have been successfully supplying hikers with fishing rods for years.