We are a small, Travel Fishing Rod Specialist based in the English Lake District.  Offering what we think are the best travel rods at the best possible price, backed up with great, personal customer service. All our rods are incredibly compact, rugged, easy to stow and cope with flexible fishing needs.

The Original Rigged & Ready World Traveller, Travel Fishing Rod Combination

How did it happen?

I’m a passionate fisherman, who travelled abroad with my work, often taking short-haul economy flights using the cabin baggage allowance. On most trips, I would be able to get a few minutes and sometimes a few hours fishing. So would always try to take a fishing rod and limited tackle. As cabin bag allowances got smaller, now down to 45 cm, the opportunity to take a rod became a problem. Telescopic rods, even the Shimano STC, which is the best of the bunch would eventually fail, either with breaking tips, eyes falling out or even major sections breaking. The majority of, so-called travel rods were 4 or 5 sections, with a compact length of 65 cm+, which doesn’t fit a rucksack, let alone cabin baggage. Putting the rod in the hold wasn’t an option the first time EasyJet charged me £90 to store 2 rods on a fishing trip with my son. (I’m a tight Northerner)

So… What was the answer?

I was from the sports industry, so had manufacturing contacts. I may have been going through a mid-life crisis or had a bang on the head, so decided to make a rod that was perfect for me, family and friends… Oh, why not! The only problem was I had to buy 30 of them!  We needed a brand to go on them, so we decided the concept was about being Rigged & Ready to fish, anywhere, anyhow. Lucky we are Riggs!

What made it so special?

  1. Super Compact. It had to be under 45 cm, which is the minimum hand baggage plane allowance and fit a small rucksack or bag.
  2. Rugged. It had to be strong and rugged to take travel knocks, so the tips were solid fibreglass and the rod a unique strong Zylon/Carbon/Fibreglass blend.
  3. Flexible. I never knew what fishing I’d be doing. Land, sea, harbour, canals, lakes and river fishing...whatever was out there, so it needed to cope with small to reasonable size fish and be happy spinning, bait fishing or float fishing.
  4. Easy Stow. It needed a case where everything went in and importantly hooks couldn’t spread out all over your bag.

So, the World Traveller Combination was born.

Yes, I made it for me, however, I had a few spare ones we sold immediately on Amazon… Hang on a minute, I thought, maybe I’m not the only crazy travel angler that wants the same things, so let’s make a few more!

That was 4 years ago. Now we have moved on. We are still very small and still focussed on travel rods. Now we have a selection of rods that fit specific travel fishing needs.

The rod guide helps you choose the rod you need or maybe buy them all?

We think we offer unique, quality travel rods at the best possible price, backed up with great personal customer service. All our rods continue to be compact, rugged, and easy to stow and cope with flexible fishing needs.

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