We started Rigged & Ready travel fishing because we couldn't find a good quality rod that was compact enough for travel, to go into your airline cabin or suitcase luggage, pop in a rucksack or keep in the boot of the car.

You will say there are thousands of telescopic rods out there. Yes there are and we have owned quite a few and suffered like everyone else, included but not limited to breakages, eyes dropping out and various quality issues. They also have poor balance with a short handle, with reel placement in the middle of the butt. So telescopic travel rods are not for us (If you still insist, the closest one to working is the Shimano EXAGE. I've owned 3 so far. All have bitten the dust. Just not rugged enough. At one point we tried to make an improved copy with a solid tip. Not our best day out).

So if you are like us and want a multi section travel fishing rod, read on....

Now stage 2 of a great travel rod, is that they need to be rugged, yet compact, so this means under 45 cm broken down, plus must have a travel case to protect it. It also needs to cope with as many fishing styles as it can. After all, it will be the only rod you have with you, so will need to light and heavy spin, and light and heavy bait fish. If you can it needs to have the potential to present a fly.

OK, now we have to talk compromises here.  Any rod that does all of this will never perform like a specialist rod. 

Premium Travel Fishing Rods Comparison. Probably the best travel fishing rod in the World!

To develop our rods we looked at the the best premium travel rods out there. As you will see our X5 Adventure isn't the cheapest. If you want a cheap disposable rod, then there are many others.

It is, however the only rod that;

  1. Breaks down to under 45 cm
  2. Has more than 4 sections (6 sections)
  3. Has 4 unbreakable tips, for various fishing styles
  4. Has a reversible butt section for fly fishing
  5. Has a balanced butt section
  6. Comes with a 2 year no questions asked guarantee

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X5 Adventure Travel Fishing Rod & Balanced Reversible Butt Section

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5 different rod set ups to cover light and heavy spin, bait and fly fishing

We tried our best to develop what we feel is the "Best Travel Rod In The World"... Maybe it probably is. Certainly is at the price.