The No1 Choice & Best Value for Travel Fishing Rods

The No1 Choice & Best Value for Travel Fishing Rods

Our big issue is still getting people to know we exist. 

We are lucky that Amazon and some of the Rod Reviews are doing it for us ☺

It was great to see Rigged & Ready as the No1 choice on Amazon for the World Traveller fishing combination. We have to compete with the biggest fishing brands, so can’t out-spend them to reach No1. All we can do is continue doing what we always have.

  1. Great unique products
  2. Great price and value for money
  3. Great customer service
World Traveller

Check it out here

Along with the World Traveller the Travel Fishing Net is also Amazon's choice for nets. The new net was designed by us for travelling anglers. It’s the most compact in the world and unique to Rigged & Ready.

Travel fishing net

You can check it out here.  New stock is arriving 25th November.

The top reviews also seem to have picked up we are being liked. Great that the X5 Max is best choice. Its only been in the market 2 months, so that’s great news. Sad we came second to a telescopic spinning rod, however we did come as Best Value, which is something we can be proud of. Suppose we cant expect to be perfect.

Best travel rods
Best travel rods