Regardless, what style of fishing you are into, there is a time where every angler needs a travel fishing rod.
Travel fishing rods are the perfect solution not just for holiday and fishing trips abroad. They are great for active fishing and active anglers. The best travel rods will pack away easily to fit anywhere allowing you to Go Anywhere and Fish Everywhere. With a good travel rod, you will never miss a chance to fish.
Travel fishing rods are perfect for bike trip to your local canal or river, or for when you are away working or when you are on your way home from work. Travel fishing rods fit in the in the back of your car, in your caravan, motor home, motorbike paniers or hide away in your hotel room. With a travel rod you will always have a fishing rod handy whenever you get the opportunity to fish. If you like to fish on holiday or when out walking, a travel fishing rod will easily pack into your suitcase or rucksack or tie onto your bike.
So, owning a travel fishing rod is a great investment for any angler. Travel rods solve a key problem of being able to fish without having to bring loads of fishing gear, that takes over your space. You can now find an awesome spot to fish on a family holiday or in your lunch hour and now you can just go and it. Owning a travel fishing rod gives you endless possibilities to fish new places and catch new species.
Telescopic Travel Fishing Rods
Our travel rods come in all shapes and sizes.  For example, telescopic travel rods are popular because they pack down to a small size and are not too bulky and they are very fast to setup, being quick to assemble and will have you fishing in no.  
Our Fish Rig Telescopic Travel rods are unique, with 2 or 3 tips so you can change your fishing style to suit the target fish and pack away your telescopic rod quickly after fishing. You can even leave the read set up with line and hooks already attached.


Multi-Section Travel Fishing Rods
These are more complicated to assemble than telescopic travel fishing rods, however they offer greater flexibility and sensitivity.
Our multi-section travel fishing rods include the X5 and Smuggler Collection. They are both super compact and very rugged travel rods with between 2 and 4 different tips to cover difference fishing styles. Some come as travel fishing combinations with reels and a case and others just a travel rod and case.


No matter what type of angler you are there will always be a need for a travel fishing rod in your tackle collection.