Hello again, and welcome back to the Rigged and Ready monthly roundup! This time, we will be running through all of the most notable, sizeable and interesting catches we were sent in November. It’s crazy to think we are on the 11th instalment of this series now; it feels like it was only yesterday we had the idea to deliver pictures of the best fish caught on our rods directly to your inbox every month. Our motivation to continue with these is the fantastic response from you as readers, and for that we are very thankful!

Now to me, it makes sense to start with the fish that embodies the month of November in all it’s glory. The Pike. This predatory fish thrives through the autumn months as the water temperature is still warm enough for them to be very active, but also cool enough to wake them up and get them feeding after the hot summer we’ve had. This particular example was caught by ‘Eoin Fishing’ using the Predator rod/RR3000 combo loaded with our 33lb Infinite braid! He also runs a successful TikTok fishing page, which you can find by searching that name on the platform.

While lure fishing is the main purpose the Predator rod was designed for, we’ve also seen it used for dead baiting; the traditional season for this method of pike fishing is now in full flow. This fish was caught by George Lamb from ‘Adventure Fishing UK’ on the same combo, but this time with the shorter tip. This transforms the rod into a more powerful shorter option ideal for casting baits in smaller venues like canals and rivers. What makes this fish even more interesting is the unlikely bait it was caught on, a rather sizeable goldfish! (Absolutely not from Pets at home, but a frozen pack from baitbox.) The video is live on YouTube, and if you want to watch it click here!

Well, I almost don’t know where to start with this one! For those that read last month’s roundup you’ll know Harry from Bang Average Fishing was on a road trip around Florida. In a rather incredible marriage of skill and good fortune he managed to land this Tarpon on a lure, using the Predator rod! A fishing moment of a lifetime… you can watch it all unfold on YouTube by clicking here.

And the list of incredible beasts from abroad doesn’t end there! Feast your eyes on this Canadian cod. Every so often we get sent a picture of a really incredible fish, and this is definitely one that falls into that category! What makes this story even more exciting is the fact that it was caught on the X5 Adventure, what a fight that must have been! This relatively small travel rod wasn’t designed to catch fish on this sort of scale, but it’s fantastic to hear that when faced with a challenge it rose to it and got the fish to the boat. It’s one of our most popular rods, and for good reason!

And it doesn’t stop there! Customer Ian Cook is making somewhat of a habit out of catching these ferocious Tigerfish using Rigged and Ready travel rods. Getting good feedback always puts a smile on our faces, especially from people who travel with our rods and put them to the test in more challenging environments. This is what Ian had to say; “I have been fishing in Zimbabwe for over 20 years and the Smuggler 7 performed faultlessly. 5 fish over 5kgs with the largest being 8.3kgs. Thank you for making a beautiful rod which fitted in my hand luggage for the 24-hour journey to the lower Zambezi”.

Our travel rods certainly have been traveling over November, and while some astonishing fish have been caught, I’m sure we can all agree there’s no place quite like home. And nothing says home like a perch; this beautiful example of the species was caught by Martin from ‘’. If you look closely, you’ll also see the rod he caught it on…, you guessed it, the Fish Rig 180! This telescopic rod with interchangeable tips is a fan favourite for perch fishing whatever the time of year.

As well as lure fishing, Martin is a keen fly angler exemplified by this impressive haul of rainbow trout. Caught on the Infinite Fly 2 in 1, this rod has two different configurations: a 4# Weight and a #6 Weight. This means if you take one rod somewhere with you, you can effectively fish rivers and streams with the lighter set-up and smaller still waters with the larger. Provided of course you have the adequate lines! This premium fly-fishing rod is made to an extremely high standard, and we strongly recommend any fly enthusiasts reading this check it out on our website.

It would be a shame to not see any UK based saltwater species on this month’s roundup, which brings us to this very worthy inclusion! ‘Welshwildtroutfishing’ caught this unexpected bass on the Smuggler S max while fishing the night from 10PM to 5AM. Now surely an unexpected bass is just about the only thing better than an expected one! He also partially attributed the success to his new lucky 4CAST Clothing bobble hat, which you can find here! The Smuggler S max is a great choice for this kind of sea fishing, carp fishing and pike fishing.


Thank you very much for tuning in to this month’s TRAVEL ROD-CAST, we really appreciate everyone that takes the time to read these. Next months will be December, and that will mark a full year of these summaries… how time flies! Who knows, maybe we’ll even see a yearly roundup featuring the best catch from every month in the year. Thanks again for reading, and we look forward to touching base again soon.