It’s official, summer is here! The weather is really starting to warm up now, and what a month June has been. The first half of the month left many of us itching to get back out on the rivers, and not surprisingly, it didn’t take long after the 16th to start seeing some river fishing action. Even hotter weather is forecasted going forward, and anglers have more time than ever to go fishing. With the summer solstice, you can say goodbye to your excuses not to head out. Whether it be before breakfast, after work or even late evening, fishing opportunities are there to be taken no matter how busy you might be.

By many people's standards, this is a monstrous chub, which makes it even more impressive that this was the first fish Harry Crossley from ‘Bang Average Fishing’ caught this month. Not long after the start of the river season of course! Caught on the Rigged and Ready World Traveller Rod too! If you look closely enough, you’ll be able to see our unhooking mat below keeping the fish nice and safe during the handling process.

Along the theme of river-caught fish, check out this trout. Now you’d be forgiven for thinking this is a brown trout (Salmo trutta), but you’d be wrong! This is a Mediterranean trout (Salmo cettii) that was caught in the south of France by Roman Jaycee, on the Telescopic Fish Rig 180. When they’re as wild and as beautiful as this, size definitely doesn’t matter!

Fortunately, trout fishing is just as good back in the UK. While this example caught by ‘Rick T outdoor adventure’ might not be as spotty and colourful, it’s tough to beat a native wild British brown trout. This was caught in Scotland on a canoe, on the X5 Combination Travel Fishing Set-up. This rod boasts numerous spinning configurations, a bait set up and even fly-fishing capabilities. The trout never stood a chance!

From the rivers of France to the lochs of Scotland, rigged and ready travel gear is becoming increasingly widespread. This next picture was taken in the Welsh mountains, and what better place to fish than a Llyn in Snowdonia! George from ‘Adventure Fishing UK’ made a futile attempt at fishing a large expanse of water with nothing to show for his efforts. However, this picture excellently demonstrates the variety of fishing gear we offer. In addition to the rod, there’s the Landing Net Max, the Travel Unhooking Mat and even the collaboration bag made with Aguille Alpine.

Wales isn’t just known for its freshwater fishing though, and ‘Welshwildtroutfishing’ proved exactly that. June saw him have a great session on a pier catching this impressive Smooth hound on King rag; the rod of choice was the Rigged and Ready Smuggler S Max. Other species from the same day include Mackerel, Pollock and even Black Bream! All from that stunning coastal venue.

To finish it off, we are bringing things a lot closer to home. This cracking pike was caught on Windermere in the Lake District, on the Rigged and Ready X5 Max! We always love to see a Cumbrian fish caught on a Cumbrian-designed rod. Especially when it’s as impressive as this. Windermere is such a large expanse of water, and a fish like this isn’t easy to come by.

Thanks for reading this month's social media roundup. In July, we’ve been busy announcing new products and bringing you even more exciting fish caught using our travel fishing gear. Keep an eye out for next month’s update! If you use Instagram, tag us in your photos for a chance to feature, and if you don’t, feel free to send them in via email. We can’t wait to hear from you, and we hope you all have a great summer!