OK, you may have one travel rod, however you still feel you need to travel with your other fishing rods. I bet you know you know how difficult it is. I suppose it may still be worth it!

We would obviously say, buy another travel fishing rod. Our travel rods are super compact as we are the compact fishing and travel fishing rod specialists, where all our travel rods pack away ready to fish.

You can store your rods and reels on the front seat, or the roof. You could just invest in our X5 travel fishing rod and reels combination
This is the real world (reel world), we may be the smallest fishing rod brand in the world, making the smallest fishing rods and we are somewhat obsessed about travel fishing rods, however, know many of you want to take your other rods with you. Not everyone wants to use a travel fishing rod all the time (why not, however it is true), so we thought we would give you a few tips to help you bring your other fishing rods with you.

You may be traveling for the sole purpose of just fishing, or on holiday, or simply as a “just-in-case”; However, the hassle that comes with traveling with these long fragile objects can often be a problem. (OK we would say you need a travel fishing rod in a protective tube; however, you are a traditionalist)  You need to make sure they are safe and sound and will arrive at your destination ready to fish.

Here are some great tips, tricks, and products that will make your life easier and keep your rod safe. 


You can find many online, or make your own from some plastic plumbers’ pipe (or just buy our extendable travel fishing rod tube)


Cases put up with some seriously rugged use. Rod cases offer a more appealing way to store your rods and tackle than shoving them in a tube. Generally protected by heavy duty locking latches or zippers are often capable of holding multiple rods and reels. (Or you can just take our X5 travel fishing rod, in its case with the 2 fly and spin reels)


Now this is the ultimate in minimalist rod protection. We will be making both for our travel rods, arriving in the summer. They are great for keeping a traditional rod or one of our super compact travel rods under control. Ours will be super stretchy neoprene to protect our compact travel fishing rods.

We are bringing out tip and reel protectors for our travel fishing rods in the summer


Roof tubes are great for anglers fishing out of their cars. Particularly, fly-fishing anglers and surf casters with exceedingly long rods. They are also very expensive. Our Smuggler Max travel rod will handle surf, beach, carp and pike fishing and it packs away under your seat (24 inches, 60cm long). OK, you may not want a travel rod that does this, so, feel free to splash out on a car roof tube.

A rod top box will keep your rods and reels safe, or get our Smuggler Max surf and big predator rod


Flying can be the most rigorous type of travel on fishing rods. Worse yet, your precious cargo is out of your sight for most of it. As such, most people ensure they have a heavy-duty case for checking their fishing rods as baggage. You can do that or sneak one of our travel rods into your carry-on baggage and not have to worry or pay for your rod to go in the hold. Buying one of our travel fishing rods may be cheaper than paying for your rod to fly in the hold. (Our smuggler 6 travel rod costs less that Easy Jets £60 fishing rod hold cost)

 Flight cases for fishing rods, keep your rods and reels safe and sound. You can pay the £60 ($80) fee to keep them safe in the hold, or buy a Smuggler 6 and bring it on board in your hand luggage


Hiking to access fishing spots can sometimes be the best way to get your lures or flies in front of wild and willing fish. When covering miles overland or backpacking in somewhere, you probably don’t want your rod in hand the whole time, so leave your traditional rod and buy one of our travel fishing rods. The X5 travel rods work equally well fly or spin fishing. In the summer we will be bringing out our 2 in 1, travel fly rod, which is a #6 and #4 weight rod in one tube!

The 2 in 1, travel fly rod. We are excited that it is ready to go for the summer. A 9ft #6 and 7 ft #4 weight travel fishing rod in one travel fishing tube. It doesn’t have a name yet!

Final Thought… Buy a Travel Rod!

If you need to travel with your fishing rods, there’s no reason you can’t do so, especially with some of the tips and ideas we shared in this post, however, as you can expect, we will say, ditch the traditional rods and buy our travel rods.