Welcome To The Smallest Travel Fishing Rod Company In The World

Welcome To The Smallest Travel Fishing Rod Company In The World

Welcome to Rigged & Ready. We are really pleased you found us. You are now part of an exclusive community, following the smallest fishing rod manufacturer in the world. “Cool eh!”.

We are happy to be based in Kendal in the English Lake District, where I grew up fishing with rods, hands and even feet. Our office, also our home, faces the River Kent, where any of you can fish free for salmon. (Now there’s the first tip!, You need a Salmon License unless you are under 16 )

Why did we start a travel fishing rod business? 
I was an obsessive travelling fisherman, who spent years traveling the world for business, trying to fish at the same time. I tried all sorts of rods, however without spending a fortune, it was hard to find something reliable, that fitted in your overnight case or plane hand luggage, that wouldn’t fall apart. So, after all this frustration, I decided to design and source my own rod, getting influences from various good ideas, including the Eagle Claw, Berkley and Wright & McGhill 1960's US travel rods, with the latest materials, a decent case, and importantly solid glass, Ugly Stik inspired, interchangeable rod tips, to make “The World Traveller”. 

Eagle Claw Trail Master Travel Fishing Rod

How cool is that. The Eagle Claw Trail Master Fly-Spin Rod from the 1960's. It inspired the X5 in our collection.

First, the rod was just for me, family and friends, however more and more people asked about it, so we made a few more and started selling them on Amazon. It seemed quite a few people out there were in need of the same thing, as either world travellers, or people who just wanted a compact rod for holidays, car, bike or camper van or because they don’t want 10 fishing rods in the house!

X5 travel fishing rod travel rods, buy travel rods, get travel fishing rods

The X5 Combination, 5 fishing rods in one. Fly-Spin-Bait travel rod with 4 interchangeable tips.

Where are we now? Now 3 years later, we have moved on, now with 6 rods, a net, a website, some t-shirts and great customers all over the world. There is still a long way to go to build the brand and get more anglers to know we are here.

The future is exciting. Boy it is hard to compete with the power of big fishing brands, however we will in our niche. We will expand to selling good competitors travel products, as well as developing more of our own, plus offer other travel fishing tackle. We want to be the destination for travel tackle.

The ethos of Rigged & Ready will stay the same, offering what we believe are the best value (does not mean cheap), rugged, travel rods and tackle in the world. Combining this with the best customer service and a 2 year no questions guarantee, plus spare parts service, will help us grow, to allow us to manufacture at even better prices. 

Yes, we are “The smallest fishing rod manufacturer in the world”, however we are also, “The biggest travel fishing rod brand in the world”. That sounds a bit nicer, until you notice, we are the only one!

We need your help. If you like what we are doing, please share our details with your friends and contacts. It is hard to get the message out in all the fishing noise. Hey... If you have any good travel tackle ideas or tips, please let us know.

Keep fishing.

Rigged & Ready Travel Fishing