This super compact, but powerful, multi-functional spin and fly travel fishing rod, uniquely has 4 tips and cast weights delivering 5 different fishing options. It gives you the opportunity to Go Anywhere and Fish Everywhere, ensuring you never miss a chance to fish. The multi-section rod fits a rugged cordura case, that measures only 43cm, just under 17’, easily fitting rucksacks, flight baggage, campervans, motorbike side paniers and all sorts of compact travel storage. This makes it the ideal rod for holidays, business trips or any spontaneous fishing opportunity. 
It is the world’s only interchangeable spin, fly and bait fishing travel rod. It has a carbon, zylon, which is stronger than Kevlar and used by NASA, and hi-glass blank with super strong, unbreakable solid fibreglass rod tips. A British designed travel fishing rod, developed and tested in the Lake District, that converts to deliver all your travel angling needs.
THE X5 UNIQUE SECRETS. 10 interchangeable sections deliver spin fishing, bait fishing, fly fishing and ledger fishing. A reversible handle that sets up for spin, bait or fly fishing. Four interchangeable tips to meet every fishing need, either, spin, bait, float, or fly fishing. Compacts into a 43cm cordura tube, for airline carry-on luggage, car, bike, or rucksacks. Hybrid eyes, to deliver spin and fly-fishing performance.

5 ROD COMBINATIONS. 1 & 2. Spinning/bait rod. 2.1m (6’ 9”) and 1.8m (6’), 3 & 4. Quiver rod. 2.1m (6’9”) and 1.8m (6’), 5. Fly rod. 2.1m (6’9”), mid-weight 4-5 action.

2 YEAR GUARANTEE. A 2 year, no questions asked guarantee of parts, replacement, or money back.

RIGGED AND READY TRAVEL FISHING are devoted to creating the best compact travel rods to help you Go Anywhere and Fish Everywhere