Fishing from a jet-ski, mountain perch and MONSTER trout!

Fishing from a jet-ski, mountain perch and MONSTER trout!


First up, we wanted to show you this absolutely gorgeous perch caught by George Lamb from ‘Adventure Fishing UK’ while filming a YouTube video! From a very unique location too, a high-altitude lake district tarn. It could even be the highest lake in England to contain perch. The Fish Rig 180, paired with the RR1000 and our 8lb Fluorocarbon leader was the set-up of choice, and the lure was a small, scented worm replicant soft-bait. Click here to watch the video!

Well that perch was definitely worth the hike! Next we wanted to show you this picture of Joe Hunter (@joehunter_outdoors). A backpack full of all the essentials including not one, but two travel rods: the smuggler 5 and the X5 combination. When you’re out camping and hiking, bag space is very limited. This is why many outdoors enthusiasts love the compact concept of our gear! As well as adventuring around the UK, he has also recently been to Madeira with his family and friends. Check out this beautiful canary damselfish they caught using one of the Infinite Ultimate set-ups!

While on the topic of holidays, regular readers of our newsletter will know that Joe Chappel has recently been to Cape Verde where he managed to squeeze in a great deal of fishing using the S max. Most notably, he caught this bonefish from the shore, which could be the fastest fish to have ever been caught on one of our travel rods. They can reach speeds of up to a whopping 40mph!

Now over to Japan, Harry from Bang Average Fishing has been getting really stuck into his trout fishing. Look at the size of this wild invasive brownie he caught on the Infinite Ultimate!

He’s also been doing some lighter fishing with the Fish Rig 180, catching all sorts from rainbow trout like this one, to yellow spotted char. You can find a link to his YouTube channel by clicking here! It must be great fun fishing wild Japanese rivers, especially when fish like that are biting. We can't wait to see what else he catches in Japan!

While fly fishing is the traditional method when it comes to trout fishing, more people than ever are targeting them with lures. Interestingly, many people are also fly fishing for none-traditional species. This carp for example, was caught by Martin from on our Infinite Fly 2-in-1!


This slightly larger carp was caught using normal tactics, on our very own X5 Adventure. What’s special about this one though, is that it’s Alex Williams’ first ever!

Now you'll have definitely heard of fishing from a boat, but have you ever heard of fishing from a jetski? Mike from TA Outdoors recently had a go, targeting pike using the X5 combination with its shorter tip. What a great way to fish! He was filming a video at the time for his vlog channel. You can find it by clicking here, we highly recommend you check it out and subscribe if you haven't already!

Thanks for taking the time to read this social media roundup! We are very excited for the next one, when we will hopefully be able to show you some river catches! Remember to keep sending us your fish/travel rod pictures via email or Instagram, and you might feature on the next RODCAST!