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Infinite Ultimate User Guide

Infinite Ultimate 25-in1, spin-baitcast-fly limited edition travel fishing rod.
With 25 fishing rod options. Max 280cm 9'2" - min 107cm 3'6". Cast - spin micro trigger 7 tips and 3 handles

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Infinite Mini User Guide

Fishing Versatility. The Infinite Mini Spin-Baitcast Super Light Travel Rod. Max 190 cm 6’ 3” Min 145cm 4’ 9” rod, 10 in 1 fishing rod options. Unique Cast-Spinning Micro-Trigger flip over handle, to baitcast or spin on the same rod.

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How to Choose Your Rod

Need some help selecting the correct Travel Rod for your next trip? We have a detailed breakdown of each rod, from length to cast weight and much more

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