Welcome back to the 5th Travel Rod-cast brought to you by RIGGED & READY! We’ve had some fantastic weather this month and it’s really wet the appetite for summer. Some great fish have been caught across the board in a variety of different places on a variety of different methods. 

Have you ever wondered what travel rods looked like before the conception of RIGGED & READY? George from the YouTube channel ‘Adventure Fishing UK’ took a look at a 70-year-old solid glass spinning rod for us, and even managed to catch some Pike on it! This rod is a 1950’s 4-piece Milbro made in Scotland and has a huge amount of character. Albeit a difficult rod to use, we can’t help but appreciate vintage tackle.

On the theme of travel, one of our predator rods has made it over to France! This stunning Perch was caught by Instagrammer ‘matt_trekking_fisher’. It happened while targeting pike too, a happy accident! It’s fantastic to see our travel rods being used in different countries, and to see our community slowly but surely spread overseas!

As well as the predator rod finding success over in France, it’s been working its magic back in the UK too! Harry from Bang Average Fishing managed this cracking bass from Cardigan Bay in Wales. On an unlikely lure too, no other than the black flying C. Maybe his recent success with the salmon has left an imprint on his fishing style!

Martin from has shown us his mobile big fish catching set-up! Although the predator makes an appearance, it’s all about the Smuggler S Max here! This rod can be up to 3.6 metres long but amazingly, its carry case can be attached to a rucksack with no inconvenience at all. These two rods give the travelling angler numerous lure and bait fishing options appropriate for so many kinds of fishing!

 As demonstrated above, the rigged and ready travel unhooking mat is becoming essential for a lot of people! ‘thecarpingbiker’ on Instagram uses his to safely unhook carp, exemplified nicely by this stunning Mirror. Fish care is paramount, and if you don’t have fish safety equipment like an unhooking mat, we strongly recommend you get one. Even if it’s not ours!

Finally, another fish we get great pleasure from showing you is this small but beautiful wild brown trout. This was caught way up in the mountains of the Lake district by outdoors YouTuber Matt from ‘Adventure is Made’. On the X5 too, a travel rod made for the mountains!


Thank you all for taking the time to read this month's Travel Rod-cast, it’s much appreciated! Next time, we will be bringing you the first fish of Summer. If you have a RIGGED & READY travel rod, we would love to see your pictures. Feel free to tag us on Instagram or send them on Facebook/email. It’s great to see what everyone gets up to, and you might just find yourself featuring here over the coming months!