July 2022 in the UK was the driest on record since 1935 and was, at times, relentlessly hot, especially in the south of the country. As a result, pretty much everyone’s pike fishing gear has been put into temporary retirement and we’ve seen more of a focus on other types of fishing. With the recent lack of rain, the rivers have suffered massively. This has resulted in somewhat of a mixed bag as far as fishing is concerned, but we’ve seen some interesting catches nonetheless! Before we get into that though, there’s some other news we have been very excited to share with you.

First and foremost, July has seen the addition of numerous new products to our website. The very popular RR3000 spinning reel paved the way for the introduction of both smaller and bigger versions (RR1000 and RR6000). This means we now have a reel for you no matter what the circumstance! In addition, our new range of Infinite lines fit right onto the reels. With both braided mainline and fluorocarbon leader, here you’ll find everything you need to get Rigged and Ready for your next fishing adventure!

We are also very proud to have sponsored the Kayak Rover fishing competition in the Lake District over the first weekend of the month. This event was organised by Lachlan Cameron of ‘Wild Yak Fishing’ and the winner, Dane Woods, received a £250 voucher to be spent on anything on the Rigged and Ready website. A very slim margin to win by, at just 1cm!

Now for the fishing, and where better to start than with this beast! Roman Jaycee caught this French urban mullet on the Predator travel rod, coupled with the RR3000 reel and the new 8lb Infinite Fluorocarbon. What makes this even more impressive is the fact that it was caught on a very interesting bait. A cheeseburger bun from McDonald’s… You just couldn’t write it!

And now back to the UK to see another bread-eating fish, the chub; although, this one was caught on a lure! The challenging low clear water conditions of rivers in the UK over July made lure fishing difficult, so George from ‘Adventure Fishing UK’ decided to make a video cracking the code of fishing in these conditions for trout and chub. Ultra-realistic micro crank-baits are the answer. In this case, facilitated by the Fish Rig 180 and the new RR1000!

Now it wouldn’t be Rigged and Ready without touching base with the adventure side of fishing. Matt from ‘Adventure is Made’ on YouTube loves a solo wild camp and is often accompanied by his X5 Adventure travel rod. If you zoom in, you’ll be able to see it next to his tent. The perfect companion when bag space is limited!

When we think of active fishing, hiking and camping is the first thing that springs to mind. However, Martin from likes to take things one step further. On this day, he managed to cover 28km between his bike and packraft! I’m getting tired just thinking about it… One thing that never gets left behind on a trip like this is his travel rod! There’s always room for a Fish Rig 180, and good job it came along for the ride as Martin managed some excellent chub along the way.

To conclude, we thought we’d end things with an update on how ‘Welshwildtroutfishing’ is getting on! It’s not often we see a Sewin get caught on our travel rods, so when it happens it’s always a moment worth celebrating! For those that don’t know, this is the Welsh name for a sea trout. It’s certainly no easy task catching one of these!

Thank you very much for reading the July social media roundup. It’s been a great month for us with a variety of new products introduced, including polarised sunglasses that weren’t mentioned above! While the weather has been fantastic for being outdoors, it’s often these conditions that are the hardest to catch fish in, so it’s brilliant to see our customers having success. Another worthy mention is that Harry from ‘Bang Average Fishing’ produced his longest film yet while wild camping in Scotland. A video worth checking out if you have the time! Remember, tag us in your photos on Instagram or send them in via email for a chance to feature on our social media!