Fish and Fishers of the Lake District - The History of Fishing in the Lakes (hard back)

Fish and Fishers of the Lake District - The History of Fishing in the Lakes (hard back)

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The best fishing book we have read.

Full of facts about fishing in the Lakes eve we didn't know and we are Kendal based Cumbrians. We believe the Lakes is the best fishing destination and this book confirms it always was! Full of great information.

  • The Kendal Fishing Hooks
  • How Beatrix Potter, Wordsworth and other authors lived here to fish
  • Windermere Perchines netted during WW1 and 2
  • Expeditions from aristocracy to come on tour fishing
  • High mountain fishing for Schelley in Red Tarn

And much much more.

A great 5 star read! So good we want you to know about it and buy it... Any locals wanting a copy can borrow mine and save £20... Best Riggy }<(((*> J


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