12 Large Premium Fishing Spoons Set Fish Rig 100% Barbless

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Fish Rig Large Premium Fishing Spoons - 12pcs Barbless Fishing Lures Set – 10 to 20g High Carbon Steel Sharp 12 Singles and 6 Treble hooks - Quick Hook Change-Snaps-Lure/Tackle Box-Crankbait Spinnerbait Set

Premium Large Spoons - 100% barbless - Classic designs – Gold and Silver - 3 x 10g, 3 x 15g, 3 x 20g. Super sharp high-carbon steel hooks 12 x single hooks and 6 x treble hook. Lengths 90, 100, 105mm. 6 quick change snaps

100% Barbless Hooks - 1. Better Hooksets. Barbs create resistance that makes it harder for the hook point to penetrate. 2. Less Injury to fish. A barbless hook causes less damage to the fish reducing the trauma.3. Less Injury to you! Just as they’re easier to remove from fish and less painful to remove from you.

Quick Change Hooks - Hooks easily changed from single to treble by opening the split ring, The spinners can also be made weedless. The lures and hooks come with a storage box and high quality quick change snaps. All other Fish Rig Spinners and Spoon lures can be easily adapted to add a weedless hook, or a soft lure weedless hook set up to the lure.

Large Premium Spoons - For trout, bass, perch, big pike, sea trout, salmon, zander, walleye, mackerel, sea bass, predatory fresh or salt water fish

Rigged and Ready Travel Fishing Specialists - Fish Rig Spinners and Spoons are designed and developed in Britain by travel fishing rod experts Rigged and Ready, to Go Anywhere and Fish Everywhere.

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Under 50cm 20", to fit every mobile travel fishing situation.* 

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Unique SRF Zylon-Carbon-HiGlass rod blanks with unbreakable tips.

2 or 4 rod tips, deliver different rod lengths, casting weights and fishing styles.

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