Infinite Ultimate Limited Edition. Compact Spinning-Baitcast-Fly Travel Fishing Rod. 25-in-1 Combination Rods

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The Ultimate Travel Fishing Rod. If you want just one rod tube selection to cover all your fishing needs then this is it.

The Infinite Ultimate is a Limited Edition that will only be sold from our website. When they are gone, they are gone!

Infinite Ultimate 25-IN-1 Spin-Baitcast-Fly Travel Fishing Rod Limited Edition. 25 Fishing Rod Options. Max 280cm 9’2” Min 107cm 3’6”. Cast-Spin Micro Trigger 7 tips + 3 Handles

  • Limited Edition Versatility. This amazing travel rod offers the angler 25 different fishing options. Form heavy spin and weight, through super light fishing, and fly fishing. We developed this Limited Edition to show what is possible form one travel rod tube, covering almost every fishing need.
  • Super Compact Unique Hand Finished. 49 cm 19’ packed away to Go Anywhere and Fish Everywhere. All of the joints are hand finished male into female, to provide a perfect fishing rod curve and non-travel rod feel. The rod blank is our special, stiffer SRF blend of carbon, hi-glass and Zylon (stronger than Kevlar and used by NASA), with super strong, unbreakable solid fibreglass rod tips, to create compact rod with a very flexible fishing feel.
  • Multi-Functional Fishing. 7 interchangeable tips and 3 handles to offer various casting weights between super light 0g 0oz up to 120g 4.25oz and rod lengths between 145cm 4’ 9” and 280cm 9’2” The Fly handle and rod sections provide a 250cm 8’ 2” #5 weight fly rod.
  • Unique Cast-Spin Micro Trigger and Guides. The Baitcast-Spin, special Rigged and Ready Micro Trigger handle, allows the rod to be flipped over function perfectly for casting and spin fishing to cover lots of fishing techniques. The guides are hybrid sizes silicone lined to work for baitcast, spin and fly fishing.
  • Rigged and Ready Travel Fishing Specialists. Designed and developed in Britain by travel fishing rod experts Rigged and Ready, to Go Anywhere and Fish Everywhere. All rods carry a 2 year no questions guarantee. All the Rod sections in the tube weighs 1100g 38.5oz. The rods vary in weight from 125g 4.4oz to 245g 8.6oz. Reel Balance. The rods balance with a baitcast reel or 3000 to 6000

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Under 50cm 20", to fit every mobile travel fishing situation.* 

Rods have a protective travel tube

2 year, no questions guarantee of parts or replacement.

Spare parts service for all rods.


Unique SRF Zylon-Carbon-HiGlass rod blanks with unbreakable tips.

2 or 4 rod tips, deliver different rod lengths, casting weights and fishing styles.

Sold directly to by us.

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