Smuggler 6 Travel Rod & Case +2 tips. 215+190cm Rod Options

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Smuggler 6 Super Compact Travel Fishing Rod, Rod & Case Kit 215cm 6'10" and 190cm 6’2” rod options. 6 sections. Nano Carbon blank + 2 Unbreakable Tips. Spin, Bait, Carp & Pike Fishing. British designed, rod packs down to 39cm, 1'4”, Case 43cm 1’5” to fit luggage or back packs. 5 sections nano carbon, with 2 x 6th section rod tips, in super strong unbreakable solid fibreglass. Casting weights 5-20+ g and 15-40+g. Designed to fit in airline cabin baggage, car, bike or rucksacks..


Casting weights 5-20+ g and 15-40+g

THE ULTIMATE TRAVEL FISHING ROD Rod packs to 39cm, Case 43cm. Premium quality nano-carbon rod blank.

BRITISH DESIGN Compact, hi-performance, powerful nano carbon multi section fishing rod, 6 sections travel rod. 5 sections nano carbon, 6th section, solid indestructible fibreglass tip, 

PREMIUM QUALITY COMPONENTS Graphite reel seat, EVA handle, silicone eyes, nano-carbon blank.

DURABILITY Super strong nano-carbon blank, unbreakable solid fibreglass tip, rugged Cordura travel case.

GUARANTEE 2 years replacement or money back. We provide innovative compact premium travel fishing tackle. If you are a game, course, carp, fly, bass or sea angler you need a Rigged & Ready™ travel rod.


Why choose us?


Under 50cm 20", to fit every mobile travel fishing situation.* 

Rods have a protective travel tube

2 year, no questions guarantee of parts or replacement.

Spare parts service for all rods.


Unique SRF Zylon-Carbon-HiGlass rod blanks with unbreakable tips.

2 or 4 rod tips, deliver different rod lengths, casting weights and fishing styles.

Sold directly to by us.

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