Reel - RR 1000 spin reel. Salt protected. 4+1 bearing. Spare spool + bag

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RR 1000 spin reel. Smooth strong durable salt protected.  4+1 bearing. Spare spool + bag

Our RR reels are designed to match and balance with our travel rods. The RR 1000 is the perfect match for the FISH RIG 180, Smuggler 5 and Infinite Mini, as well as a good match for the Smuggler 6 targeting smaller fish. . They are all salt treated, however should always be washed after being used in salt water.

Rigged and Ready RR 1000, 3000, and 6000 Fishing Reels. Strong durable salt protected reel for Spin Fishing, Bait Fishing, Carp Fishing, Lure Fishing, LRF Fishing, L Beach Fishing, Bass Fishing, Coarse Fishing. RR1000 + RR3000 5.2.1 ratio RR 6000 4-7-1 ratio. 4+1 bearing. Air Rotor System for quick water removal. British designed for travel fishing in rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, off piers, beaches and coasts. Quiet, silky smooth retrieve.

RR 1000 5-2-1 ratio. Line capacity mono lb & Y 4-220, 5-170, 6-140. Braid 10-30 braid. Braid dimensions mm & m  0.18-220, 0.20-180, 0.26-100.

RR 3000 5-2-1 ratio. Line capacity mono lb & Y 6-220,  8-180, 10-150. Braid 10-50 lb. Braid dimensions mm & m 0.28-18, 0.30-160, 0.35-130.

RR 6000 4-7-1 ratio. Line capacity mono lb & Y 12-180,  14-150, 16-130.. Braid 15-65 lb. Braid dimensions mm & m 0.40-220, 0.45-175, 0.50-140.

BRITISH DESIGN. Unique lightweight fishing reel design with Air Rotor System and salt treatment for corrosion prevention when salt water fishing

LIGHTWEIGHT STRONG GRAPHITE FISHING REEL BODY: Easy to carry and use, increases power without sacrificing strength and durability. For fresh water fishing and salt water fishing.

5.2.1 and 4.7.1 GEAR RATIO with excellent resistance,4+1 ball bearings, hardened metal spindle, precision machined gears, suitable for Spin Fishing, Bait Fishing, Carp Fishing, Lure Fishing, LRF Fishing, L Beach Fishing, Bass Fishing, Coarse Fishing

SPARE SPOOL & REEL BAG. For quick line change flexibility and long-term reel protection switching from fresh water fishing to sea fishing.

2 YEAR GUARANTEE. We want our customers to have the best possible experience. All our fishing rods and reels come with a 2-year no questions asked guarantee of parts, full replacement or money back.

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Unique SRF Zylon-Carbon-HiGlass rod blanks with unbreakable tips.

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