Repairs... What to do?
Repairs... What to do?

Repairs... What to do?

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Things go wrong with fishing rods. This is why we offer a 2 year guarantee on our rods. The best guarantee in the fishing rod business! Our goal is to get you back fishing as soon as possible and for your rod to stay catching.

What To Do?

Contact with your rod style, address, post/zip code, telephone number & order number. Please send clear photos of the issue and an explanation how it happened. (angler error is not an issue... we will help)

Our 2 Year Guarantee.

  1. Covers replacement parts for manufacturing errors once, including post.
  2. Replacements for other breakage and single lost parts are free once, excluding post.
  3. Replacements for multiple breaks or lost parts depends on the issue, however, these exclude post. We will contact you to confirm parts and any costs involved.
  4. Payments need to be paid via a paypal invoice or bank transfer before shipping.

Why choose us?


Under 50cm 20", to fit every mobile travel fishing situation.* 

Rods have a protective travel tube

2 year, no questions guarantee of parts or replacement.

Spare parts service for all rods.


Unique SRF Zylon-Carbon-HiGlass rod blanks with unbreakable tips.

2 or 4 rod tips, deliver different rod lengths, casting weights and fishing styles.

Sold directly to by us.

Getting Started

We have provided this to get people started , giving the basics to start and enjoy fishing. Once hooked, there are endless books, websites and stores that will help you improve your skills and knowledge.